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Upcoming Issues

June 2017: Generating Solutions Through Innovation and Investing in Outcomes. This issue is focused on sharing concrete examples of how agencies and partners are generating solutions by repurposing resources to spur innovation and create environments that encourage creativity and a safe space for rapidly testing new ideas and successfully implementing what works. Testing that led to discovery of evidence informed practices should be included here. We are particularly interested in showcasing articles that reflect our Innovation Center work on the topics of alternative financing of human services, demonstrating social return on investment, and application of behavioral economics. Use of rapid cycle evaluations and other modern approaches to research that accelerate adoption of what works are also a good match for this issue.


August 2017: The Destination Matters: Achieving Better Health and Well-Being. This issue is focused on better health and well-being, population-based health data, and how human services can positively impact the social determinants of health. Articles focused on the progress of states and localities in connecting health and human services (h/hs) will be particularly important to include in this issue. Other topics will explore the integration of large systems (e.g., housing, employment, and h/hs) and learning from other sectors such as public health. We will also seek content highlighting programs and initiatives addressing youth violence and issues impacting youth health. Articles that describe initiatives or promising practices that enhance the health of individuals, in coordination with prevention and early intervention services, are encouraged. Features that demonstrate the ways in which the human service sector is tailoring services to the particular needs of communities, promoting economic opportunities, and leveraging resources to improve specific health and well-being outcomes are also encouraged. The ISM Special Section will be distributed with this issue.


October 2017: Maximizing Modern Tools and Platforms. This issue is our yearly “technology-focused” issue and is shared at the ISM Annual Conference. Articles will showcase emerging technology and business practices that help advance the next generation of health and human services by giving modern tools to the workforce and customers. We also wish to showcase what is required of agencies to modernize their business model for the future and leverage advance analytics to inform decision-making. Desired examples include updates on what states are achieving with the federal, time-limited 90–10 funding; re-use opportunities in shared platforms and open data sources; and what agencies and organizations are doing to keep up with new technologies via Apps, social media, digital and mobile platforms.


December 2017: Partnering for Impact. This issue will focus on cross-sector collaboration, both as it relates to public-private partnerships and coordination across related public sectors, including education, housing, labor and criminal justice. Contributions should include examples of collaborations and cross-sector work across the nonprofit and public sectors (at all levels of government) that are contributing to system change and leading to better outcomes for communities. We are looking for examples of partnerships that are moving beyond the traditional contractor-vendor relationship to those that are truly “co-creating,” driving better outcomes, and achieving collective impact. We would like articles collaboratively authored from the nonprofit, public, and business sectors or that provide a perspective that is outside traditional human services. Examples of effective shared governance structures are also encouraged. 


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